Maryland Global Initiative for Cybersecurity

Promoting and Enhancing Cybersecurity Research, Education, and Outreach at the University of Maryland


The Maryland Global Initiative for Cybersecurity (MaGIC) promotes and coordinates efforts across the University of Maryland (UMD) to expand its cyber education, research, and development activities.

  • MaGIC brings together students, faculty, and corporate and government partners to develop and deploy innovative approaches to cybersecurity.
  • MaGIC encourages cooperation between academia and the private sector to foster research, enhance educational opportunities, and drive practical applications.
  • MaGIC works with government agencies, both domestic and international, to cultivate research opportunities, funding, and cybersecurity technical capacity across the global community

News & Engagements

June 24, 2019

Former intelligence officials will discuss practical, policy, and legal factors that influence the planning and conduct of clandestine intelligence operations, how technological advances can affect operations in an increasingly transparent world, and the risks that confront intelligence officers and those who assist them.
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May 12, -0023

National Security 2019, hosted by The Washington Center, is for university students to explore the protection of U.S. interests at home, abroad and online. The seminar brings together many of the top leaders, thinkers, and experts that the field as to offer. This immersive educational experience will connect the students with those from the agencies and organizations that tackle these issues each and every day. Some of the topics that will be explored through both expert presentations and afternoon site visits include: terrorism and extremism, emerging technologies, national security policy, Russia, border security, community approaches to national security, climate change and many more!
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April 4, 2019

Getting the whole of government onboard — at least for the cyber warfare side of the problem — “really was a driving factor for the National Cyber Strategy” published last year, said Grant Schneider, senior director of cybersecurity policy on the National Security Council. The Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Justice, plus the intelligence community, “you name it in the government,” they all contributed, he said at the UMD conference. And publication was just the beginning: Recently, he said, “I spent two hours with about 40 people in a room… walking through literally a couple of hundred implementation items.”
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April 4, 2019

Speaking Thursday at the University of Maryland Cybersecurity Executive Summit, Darby said 5G — which is expected to be essential for connecting everything from artificial intelligence to autonomous vehicles and smart cities technology — could pose a great vulnerability for U.S. networks if a nation-state adversary like China gained industrial control of its networks, especially with the connectivity of “internet of things” devices.
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Room full of server switches

Integrating a wide range of disciplines to study the cybersecurity problem, UMD has world class researchers across a range of subject areas, studying the computing, technical, behavioral, economic, and policy challenges facing individuals and organizations.UMD ranks among the best research universities in the nation, with top-ranked departments in computer science and electrical and computer engineering. NSA has designated the University of Maryland as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research, and the university was also named an Intelligence Community "Center of Academic Excellence" by the Department of Homeland Security.

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The University of Maryland is home to world class research centers in cybersecurity. Drawing from faculty and scholars in computer science, computer engineering, quantum computing, business, criminology, information science, journalism and public policy,these centers are conducting that is useful, relevant, and fundamental to addressing the cybersecurity problem.

Cybersecurity Publications

The University of Maryland is a world class institution, passionate about educating the next generation of leaders, and ensuring they have the tools and techniques to solve the challenges of cybersecurity in the 21st century. The university offers a variety of professional seminars and workshops as well as traditional courses and concentrations in cybersecurity across a range of fields. Specific programs including a unique undergraduate in-residence honors program in cybersecurity, along with strong masters and doctoral programs in engineering, computer science, and computer engineering are offered.

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