Professional Symposia

MaGIC organizes executive seminars and workshops on cybersecuity for policymakers and organizational leaders. These programs are led by world-class faculty as well as senior executives from the government and private sector.

Degree Programs

UMD offers undergraduate cybersecurity courses and concentrations within and across disciplines, as well as opportunities for undergraduate internships and involvement in cybersecurity research. Furthermore, UMD is the home of the first honors college program in cybersecurity, the Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students (ACES).

The ACES program enrolls exceptional undergraduate honors students of all majors, allowing them to explore the world of cybersecurity and its real world applications through a living-learning program and an academic minor in cybersecurity. ACES students benefit directly from close partnerships with internal and external leaders in the field, including research, group projects, and internship opportunities, all within a close-knit community of diverse students. A National Science Foundation Scholarship for Service program supports ACES students who wish to work in federal, state, or tribal governments. Masters and doctoral programs in engineering, computer science, and computer engineering provide opportunities to focus on cybersecurity. Modules, courses, and specializations in cybersecurity are also offered to students in other fields with an interest in this topic, including public policy and business. Additionally, a Masters of Engineering in Cybersecurity program is offered by the UMD Office of Advanced Engineering Education in collaboration with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Department of Computer Science, and the Maryland Cybersecurity Center.